I really love these and think they make a great statement piece on the wall. Perfect for kitchens, playrooms, nurseries and hallways - in fact any room!

These are 15cm x 15cm oak veneer which have been stained a few shades darker to look more like Scrabble tiles. 

I have chosen to paint the letters rather than using vinyl as I think the finished article looks so much better. The tiles are then finished off with a layer of varnish to complete the look.

Some popular choices / combinations are:

EAT for the kitchen
PLAY / READ for the playroom
SLEEP for a nursery
LIVE / LAUGH / LOVE for a hallway/stairs
FAMILY with names coming off

What will you spell with yours?

****Please note that the price is £4 per tile so please ensure you order the correct number and then add a message with the letters / words you require****

Giant Scrabble Tiles


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